Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting Review I must confess I’m not a very big fan of GoDaddy when it comes to web hosting. I’ve tried them out in the past and have only been disappointed. Last I remember trying out their 4th generation web hosting services which din’t really work well for me. After getting tired of mis-managing my VPS, I decided to go […] Continue reading →

Learn How to find Copyright Free Images for your Website or Blog

Get Copyright Free Images for your website (no royalty) If you’ve been following the latest developments in search industry you’ll know, it has become absolutely important to supplement the textual content on your website with rich media like pictures and videos.  While one can easily find and embed videos from sites like youtube and vimeo,  it is much difficult to find and use royalty free (non copyrighted images) on […] Continue reading →

Get Free .Com Domain Name, Hosting & 75$ Adwords Credit

get free com domain name hosting adwords credit Are you a small business owner who want to launch a website ? Worry not, now you can get a free .com domain name along with hosting and several other features for a year through Google’s Wisconsin Get Your Business Online Program. This program is launched for US residents and is aimed at promoting the online presence of small […] Continue reading →

Free E-Books Download and Torrent Search Engine Websites

E-Books Search Engines Torrents are one of the most common ways to trade free music, e-books, movies and softwares in a P2P (peer-to-peer) environment. A torrent file contains information about the content to be distributed and a list of trackers that help locate machines sharing the desired files and folders. You can search for torrent files using special torrent search […] Continue reading →

4 Essential Youtube SEO Tips for Optimizing Videos

Youtube SEO - Essential Tips As per Alexa, YouTube is the second largest search engine after google. It is now important to formulate and act on strategies for YouTube Optimization. Optimizing YouTube pages requires one to follow the same rules like any other SEO project. Luckily unlike Google,  Youtube doesn’t use 200+ signals to rank the videos. Target the Video Vertical of Google […] Continue reading →

7 Essential Tips On How To Do SEO For E-commerce Websites

SEO for E-commerce Websites It is one thing to have an E-commerce website and another thing to have an E-commerce site that is ranked top on search engine. That is why running an E-commerce business in a highly competitive market is such a daunting endeavor. As such, you need to spend your precious time researching on how to improve […] Continue reading →

5 Simple Tips to Manage High Server Load on your Cpanel VPS

Tips to manage high server load on Cpanel WHM VPS Consider this, you were hosting a few blogs on shared hosting quite happily, life was good. One fine day you moved to a VPS and then the nightmare beings. Forget content marketing, social media and SEO; you are forced to deal with Server load, Spammers, downtime and what not. You can’t ignore it or else you risk […] Continue reading →

Keyword Genetics Review !

Keyword Genetics Features Reverse Engineer Google Rankings ! Keyword Genetics is one of its kind SEO tool, I got hold of it as soon as I heard about it. I would waste no time to say that this is the tool that can really help you achieve Ranking on Page #1 of Google. Here’s why – The tool […] Continue reading →

Social Lead Freak Review

Social Lead Freaks Social Networks are filled with all sorts of people, if harnessed properly they can turn into a pure gold mine.  Social Lead Freak is one software that would help you generate solid leads from Social Networks like Google + and Facebook. What this software does is that it extracts member ID’s from Facebook Groups, Events […] Continue reading →