5 Steps to Create your First Website

I did a random poll, wanting to know how many of the people that I knew owns their own website –  Surprisingly too few. Going a bit further I asked how many always wanted to have their own website – well almost everyone ! So I wondered what held them back? Few things that  could hold one back from their first website could be :

  1. It costs a lot  – No it doesn’t, in fact you can make your website in just 2.6$ (Rs. 174)
  2. It takes too much time  – No it doesn’t, Making your first website is a matter of a few hours.
  3. You are not a techie  – You don’t need to be, It’s all very easy.

    Create your first Website

Let’s explore the 5 simple Steps to Creating your First Website:

  1. Think about the purpose- The first step to do any work is to think. Think about what kind of website would you like to achieve from your website – do you want to create your personal blog and share your thoughts , do you want to bring your portfolio online to attract new clients or you simply want to share some interesting stuff and form an online community.
  2. Choose and Register your first Domain Name – A Domain name is the official name of your website by which people can easily your website on the Internet, for example loudblogger.com  is the domain name for this website.   Next its time to  register your first domain at GoDaddy.com  for just 2.49 $ but before you do that I’d suggest you to read Read my tips on Choosing the Right Domain Name.
  3. Get your first Web Hosting Account – The next step towards getting your first website ready is to buy a web hosting account where you would store your web pages. I’ll suggest you to buy go for HostGator which the most reliable web hosting company.  You can get your first web hosting for just 0.01 $ for the first month (INR 6.7).
  4. Set-up up your hosting account and Install WordPress – Your web host would setup your account and provide you with your Cpanel Login Details, Names DNS Servers,  FTP login details. Once you have them we need to do the following :
  5. That’s it  – Now you can Create pages and posts on your first website and it.

Recommended Doman Registration and Web Hosting for your First Website  

1.) Get your first domain name for $2.49 (Rs. 167) on GoDaddy.com

2.) Web Hosting at just 0.01 $ (Rs 6.5) for 1st Month on HostGator.com using coupon code : 1Cent

Good Luck with making your First Website! If you enjoyed reading this post feel free to leave your comments below.

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