7 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

The landing environment of an airport is among the factors that can make it to be considered as dangerous. There are certain factors that can make landing become a very hard task. These factors are like extreme locations of an airport at very high altitudes, the manner of approach to the airport may be difficult or very short runways on the airport. The following are 7 most dangerous airports based on the above factors:

1.Paro Airport, Himalayan Mountains

Paro Airport

Located in Bhutan, this airport ranks first among the 7 most dangerous airports in the world. This is because there are only eight pilots who are authorized to land on this airport. The airport is situated near sharp peaks that measure up to 18,000 ft tall of the Himalayan Mountains. The runway is shorter and is only 6,500 feet long. The travellers who fly to this area have a very hard time calming their nerves because of the rough landing.

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2. Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten

Princess Juliana International Airport

Princess Juliana International Airport is among the busiest airports in the Caribbean. It is among the 7 most dangerous airports because of its short landing strip. It was originally built to serve small and medium planes but nowadays heavy planes land here. Jumbos require 10,000 feet to insure a safe landing and the landing strip at this airport is very short measuring 7,150 feet long.

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3. Ice Runway in Antarctica

Ice Runway in Antarctica

The Antarctica is the coldest place on earth and this has made the place not to have any paved runway. Landing a plane on this runway is a challenge because the weight of the plane, if not checked, might break the ice and get the plane stuck.

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4. Lukla Airport in Nepal

Lukla Airport in Nepal
This airport is majorly used by people visiting Mount Everest. This place is of very high altitude and the airport has no modern technology for air traffic control. This includes lighting at the runway and the power at the airport is very low. The fact that it is at the highest point of the planet makes it to make its way to the 7 most dangerous airports.

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5. Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong

Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong
This airport is known to be the world’s scariest landing airport. The airport is surrounded by mountains and there is the presence of very strong crosswinds that make landing a challenge.

6. Wellington International Airport in New Zealand

 Wellington International Airport in New Zealand

This airport has one runway that is 6,351 feet long. The runway appears to start and end in the crystal blue waters. If you are faint-hearted, then you will find landing at this airport very traumatizing.

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7. Courchevel International Airport in France

Courchevel International Airport in France

This airport has the shortest runway on earth which stretches for just 525 meters. That is just the tip of the iceberg; the runway has a gradient to it of 18.5% which force airplanes to land at an inclined angle so that they can be able to slow down. These aspects make landing and take-off very dangerous. This makes it to be ranked among the 7 most dangerous landing airports. There are also the Alps Mountains that pilots need to navigate through before landing.

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