Alternate DNS Servers For Speedy Internet Access

 If  your Internet connection takes time to load websites,  but otherwise scores well during an Internet Speed Test  you should try switching to one of the many Alternate DNS Servers.  Each time you open a website your computer connects to the DNS servers of your Internet Service Provider and look up for the server where the website is located. A Slow DNS Sever at your ISP could be taking a lot of time to resolve websites and increasing the loading time.

DNS issues attributes to the Most of the Internet Connectivity problems and at times switching to an Alternate DNS Servers is enough to tackle a Slow Internet Connection.

Alternate DNS Servers

Top 3 Alternate DNS Servers

  1. OpenDNS : OpenDNS is one of the best available alternate DNS Servers. It has multiple Data Centers to serve Lookup requests and apart from boosting the DNS lookup speed OpenDNS also lets you block unwanted websites from opening on your Internet Connection. With OpenDNS you can block Violent, Sexual, Gambling and other harmful websites on your network. It is also one of the most reliable, fast and easy to use  alternate DNS Lookup Service. In order to use OpenDNS Alternate DNS Servers you would need to set the DNS Servers on your Computer / network to (Primary DNS Server Address) and (Secondary DNS Server Address).
  2. Google Public DNSGoogle too offers Fast and Simple to use Pubic DNS Service.  By replacing your current DNS service with Google Public DNS you’ll be able to experience a faster and safer Internet connection. In order to use Google Alternate DNS Servers you would need to set the DNS Servers of your Computer / Network to (Primary DNS Server Address) and (Secondary DNS Server Address).
  3. DNS Advantage : DNS Advantage offers a similar service along with offering a paid Recursive DNS Service. In order to use  DNS Advantage Alternate DNS Servers you’ll need to set the DNS Servers of your Computer / Network to (Primary DNS Server Address) and (Secondary DNS Server Address).

There are many more Free Alternate DNS Servers however we listed the best ones for you.

How to Change DNS Servers Address on Windows 7

Follow these simple steps to switch to one of the above Alternate DNS Server :

Switching to Alternate DNS Servers

  1. Click on Start and then open Control Panel
  2. Under Control Panel go to Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing Center
  3. On the Left hand Side you’ll see a link  Change Adapter Settings click on it.
  4. Right Click on Local Area Connection (or Wireless Network Connection) Icon and click Properties.
  5. Then Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) from the list and again click Properties.
  6. Now you can enter the Primary and Secondary DNS Server address and Press OK button to save settings.

An additional Step would be to Flush Existing DNS settings on your Computer to do so Click on Start and type cmd open command prompt. Once the command prompt opens type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter to refresh DNS Settings on your computer.

Hope you enjoy high speed browsing after switching to Alternate DNS Servers.

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