Top 5 Anonymous Online File Uploaders

Collaboration is the new buzz word among the today’s internet generation. Time and again you are required to share reports, pictures, software and much more with your peers working at a different corner of the world. While sending an e-mail has been considered one of the best ways to share files privately, there are certain times when you can’t use e-mail to send files. Specially when you are to send some really large files or files in large numbers. That’s when cloud-based services such as Dropbox and Google Drive come to your rescue. However you’d need to create a new account to use these services. If you find that irritating like I do, you’ll find these anonymous file uploading services of great help.

Anonymous Online File Uploading Services

List of Anonymous Online File Uploading Services

  1. Zippyshare — Allow you to upload files of up to 200 mb each. You’re provided with a 100% unlimited disk-space for free and you don’t even need to sign up in order to use this service. Zippyshare supports drag and drop for uploads and doesn’t place any restrictions on the number of times a file can be downloaded.
  2. File Dropper — Claims to be the fastest and the simplest file hosting service. You can upload a file of upto 5 GB and share it with your friends through an unique link. You can also embed the sharing code on your website so that your visitors can download the file. Again, no need to register to use this service.
  3. Tiny Upload — This service allows you to upload files of up to 50 mb each. The service is 100% free. Their are no download limits and the files are hosted on the server forever.
  4. Sendspace — Here you can upload files of upto 300 mb that are available for download to anyone with a valid link. Files remain on server for 30 days and can be download at basic speed.
  5. Infotomb — With this service you can share not just files but also text in a secure and anonymous manner. Infotomb also gives you an option to set password with the download link, so that only the intended recipients can download the files.

Hope you found our list of anonymous file uploading services helpful. Do comment below to share your experience with these services.

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  1. AnthonyL

    I prefer to use We Transfer ( to transfer/host files. You can host up to 2GB for free (the paid version one can host 20GB)


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