Best Practices for setting up Ads on Facebook

Facebook is home to millions of users from all walks of life and it provides businesses an easy way to reach targeted audience from across the world. You might also want to run a Facebook Campaign and promote your fan page or to drive visitors to your website.  If your advertising campaign is set up properly, you will find Facebook advertising an affordable way to reach your audience. Today we discuss some of the best practices to set up and run Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Best Practices for setting up Ads on Facebook

1. ) Images  – Choice of Images is one of the most important aspects that affects the performance of your Facebook advertisement. For best results include a catchy image that the audience would connect with almost immediately. So for example if you are running a Global campaign for a Travel Website or Fan Page you can use the images of the seven wonders of the world.

      • Facebook Now lets you upload up-to 6 images when you create  an advertisement. All these images then run as separate ads and you can then choose the one that performs the best.

        Selecting Images For Facebook Ads
        Select up to 6 Images at once on a Facebook Ad
      • Make sure that the amount of text on the image is less than 20% as anything more than that would violate Facebook guidelines and such an advertisement would not be approved.
      • Images that are Sexual or Violent  in nature are often disapproved.
      • Stick with the recommended Image Size for Facebook ads for news-feed, which  is 600 pixels x 225 pixels.

2.) Message –   The title and text of the Facebook Advertisement should be short and simple. Please make sure it is not ambiguous. Once one of my advertisement got disapproved when I used the title “Love Making Websites?”  – While I was talking about creation of websites, Facebook took it otherwise and disapproved the advertisement.

Funny but Facebook uses the phrase “Use Less Data”  on its android Facebook app to entice users to upgrade their Facebook app to newer version that uses less data.  Now it’s up to you how would you interpret that phrase.

  • It’s important to include a Call to Action inside the text and use words such as Like us, Join us, Visit us to improve engagement.
  • It’s also important to clearly mention the Benefit of any call to action. So do answer why should they like your page or visit your website.
  • Landing page selection is also important, For fan pages Custom designed tabs or a wall makes good landing pages. For external URL’s you must design a good Landing Page that converts.

3.) Targeting –  Targeting is by far the most important aspect while advertising on Facebook as it will decide how much money would eventually go out of your pockets.

  • Target Location – If you want to increase likes of your Facebook Page at the cheapest possible costs you can specifically target some of the most cheapest countries  to get Facebook likes.  These include  Albania, Nepal, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Thailand and a few more.However in my own personal opinion you should rather focus on getting likes from US, UK and Australia as the latter is more likely to buy a product online than the formal.
  • Increase your audience  – An important tip would be to target as many counties as possible in a single advertisement as this would increase the Audience and help you reduce the cost per click.
  • Broad Category and Precise Interest Targeting –  Once you have targeted enough audience its time to remove the unnecessary ones by selecting broad categories like Travel or Precise Interest  like #First class (aviation). Use as many broad or precise interest categories to reduce the unwanted audience without increasing the CPC. You may also choose to not target those people who are already connected to your page.
  • Custom Audience  – This is the most powerful way to target your audience. I’ll explain about how to use the new Facebook Power Editor to target Custom Audience in my future posts.

4.) Conversion Pixel  If you are promoting an external page by your Facebook advertisement you should also create a conversion pixel. A conversion pixel is a Java script code that you can load on specific pages of tracks page views, registrations, checkouts and other conversions.  Facebook Ads Conversion Pixel

5.) Monitoring –  Lastly monitor and optimize your advertisements further – A successful ad on Facebook has a high click through Rate (CTR) and at Low Cost per Click (CPC). After you’ve run your advertisement for a week select the one which performs the best and remove the rest of the ads for getting the best results. Monitor it regularly and If your advertisement frequency is too high (more than 10) – it’s to replace or re target the advertisement.

Do comment and share your own Best Practices for setting up Ads on Facebook.

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