Chocolate Day and Its Shenanigans

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, Chocolate day is being celebrated with chaos, marked by love and sealed with a kiss! There is so much love in the air and we are loving every bit of it. Exchanging sweet nothings with your loved one on Chocolate Day is a sweet symphony in itself. 9th February, on every year, is commemorated by dedicating this day for doing something sweet, quiet literally. Finishing up as the third day in the Valentine’s Week chain, this chocolate day witnessed double the amount of fun and frolic as compared to last year.


What an excuse for all those with a sweet tooth. To binge on chocolates the whole day without worrying about getting fat and gaining a few kilos- that is what dreams are made of. Sinful delights packed in colourful wrappers and offered with so much affection is something that one cannot say no to. Couples all around the globe have raided grocery stores and exotic chocolate stores to get their hands on the finest pieces of cocoa to gift their better halves. Along the same lines, here are a few chocolate flavours and entities that compliment each other just like you and your loved one. Presenting some little known facts about chocolates that’ll make you drool!

  1. If you look at it technically, white chocolate isn’t really chocolate since it contains no cocoa.
  2.  Who would have known that it takes a colossal amount of 400 cocoa beans to produce one pound of chocolate
  3. Soldiers wanted to enjoy the perks of chocolate without it melting. Hence, M&Ms were created.
  4. Would you be surprised if we told you that the largest bar of chocolate weighs approximately 6000 kgs
  5. Dark chocolate has magical health benefits. Consuming it everyday reduces the risk of heart diseases by one third of the original risk.
  6. With all its too-good-to-be-true traits, chocolate can actually be the cause of death among dogs.
  7. Did you know that chocolate has some anti bacterial properties? It is actually able to prevent tooth decay.
  8. For a human to choke on and die on chocolate, he or she must consume 22 lbs of chocolate which is apparently a lethal dose.
  9. Thanks to a recent movie, we all know that the average chocolate bar contains 8 insect parts.
  10. The reason chocolate melts in your mouth is because it is the only edible substance that melts at a temperature below the human body temperature. Thank the heavens for that now!
  11. Chocolate was initially consumed as a liquid and not the solid state that exists today.
  12. There exists another type of chocolate- The Blonde Chocolate

Now that we have all of this cleared, we hope that your week has a great kickstart to it with the bittersweet taste of chocolate and hoping that this  also taught you some bizarre things about the beloved temptation aka chocolate!

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