What is Ebola Virus (Ebola hemorrhagic fever)?


Ebola hemorrhagic fever Information

Ebola is a fatal virus that is known to cause uncontrollable internal and external bleeding. Ebola Virus is known to cause death of every 9 out of 10 patients that get infected. Ebola virus spreads through contact with the skin or body fluids of infected person. It doesn’t spread through water, air, or food.

Ebola hemorrhagic fever Symptoms

Ebola virus has flu like symptoms which includes : weakness, stomach ache, fever and head ache. Infected patients may also experience blood-shots from eyes, nose, ears or during coughing or vomiting. The disease isn’t communicable if the patient doesn’t show any symptoms.

Ebola hemorrhagic fever Diagnosis and Treatment

Ebola virus can be diagnosed by performing a blood test. Currently there is no cure for this disease. The patients must be isolated from others to prevent spreading of the disease.

Ebola Virus Pictures

ebola virus

Ebola Virus Infographic


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