Fixing a Blank WP-Admin Page on WordPress Dashboard

I just spent last one hour trying to figure this out. I was getting a Blank WP-Admin page when i tried logging on to WordPress. This was the first time that I got a Blank White Screen on opening WordPress Admin and had no idea why that happened. So here’s what I tried to do to fix it .Fix Blank WP Admin Page

Possible Causes for getting a Blank WP-Admin Page 

  1. DNS issues – My first guess was that I had a DNS issue of some sort. So I Tried to clear my Laptop’s DNS by typing IPCONFIG / FLUSHDNS on the command prompt. However this din’t fix it. I took out my data card (to change my internet connection) and tried opening the WP-Admin page of WordPress again however i Got a Blank WP-ADMIN page.
  2. Caching issues with CDN System – My second obvious guess was to purge the cache of Cloud Flare CDN system and to disable it temporarily but unluckily that didn’t help too.

The Real Cause for getting a Blank WP-Admin Page 

I searched on Google and found that I wasn’t the first person to face this problem. Different people have suggested different solution however one that made absolute sense to me and that really worked was that I had a problem with a Plugin that I installed last night . Yes, Getting a Blank WP-Admin page means you have a problem with a plugin that you installed recently and the fix is really simple !

How to fix a Blank WP-Admin Page

Now this is how I fixed this, I logged on to FTP and browsed to the wp-content/plugins/. The next step is to  rename the folder of the plugin that you installed recently, just rename it to anything arbitrary and try opening WordPress Dashboard again. And it worked. Problem solved !

That’s how I Fixed a Blank WP-Admin Page and Regained access to my Website.

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