For Keepsakes: Promise Day

The fifth day in the Valentine Week Brigade is all set to sweep every couple off of their feet and provide them with a bundle of joy and some promises to keep upto. Following the cuddly echoes of Teddy day, Promise Day is more profound, deep and entwines with your soul like a long lost memory. This Promise Day needs to be special, overflowing with affection and an oath of tenderness. Embrace the best feeling there is with a promise of feeling that way forever. Live by it and watch every day in your life unfold with great beauty and joy.


For all those lovers out there who have no idea what to do on this day, take some cues from us because we have got great ideas cooking in this kitchen!

  1. Promise each other to not hide anything. Little secrets and flaws only make the relationship stronger and longer.
  2. Love isn’t boastful but inspite of that, promise to never feel ashamed of each other. Carry each other around like your favourite arm candy and make the world green with envy.
  3. Don’t stop working towards the relationship like the chase game is over. Promise to make each other feel the same new love everyday, no matter how hard the times get.
  4. Fight! Because that’s one thing that couples do. But promise to make it up to each other over some ice cream and pizza!
  5. Promise to stay by each others’ side when circumstances pull you apart and try to rip everything you’ve worked so hard for.
  6. Promise to never bring back old junk from the trunk. Put everything behind you and start afresh each day. A heavy history often turns into a heavy heart.
  7. Promise to respect each other more than loving each other. If you can’t respect someone then you certainly cannot love them.
  8. Promise to pamper each other from time to time and stir things up. Don’t fall back into old habits and give away the love.
  9. Be a little old school at times. Promise to send each other letters and postcards when the absence kills you. Talk over the phone instead of texting each other and meet as often as you can.
  10. Promise to be vocal about everything. Tell each other what matters to you and what bothers you. Never forget to tell each other how madly in love you are. Saying ‘I Love You’ never feels old no matter how many times you say it!

Love is not easy and it comes only to a few lucky ones. This Promise Day, promise to choose one another over everything else, promise to make it count and promise to make the whole journey worthwhile!

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