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Torrents are one of the most common ways to trade free music, e-books, movies and softwares in a P2P (peer-to-peer) environment. A torrent file contains information about the content to be distributed and a list of trackers that help locate machines sharing the desired files and folders. You can search for torrent files using special torrent search engines, some of which we will enlist below.

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Most Popular E-Book and Torrent  Search Engines

Most of the torrent search engines allow you to search and download free e-books. Below are some of the frequently used torrent search engines :

  • – This is one of the best places to look for any kind of torrents including ebooks, simply enter the name of the book followed by the word “ebook” and you will see list of torrent files for the same. The good thing about is that it let you see user ratings of the torrents, and thus you may only download verified torrents that are of good quality. You can also sort by date to download ebooks that are recently released.
  • Ebookee – Ebookee is a search engine for ebook in particular and provides download links of ebooks.  Apart from torrents it also shows search results from  popular file download websites like 4shared, Mediafire and Rapidshare. Here you can see some of recently added, recently viewed and the top ebook torrents to download.
  • IsoHunt – It is among the most advanced torrent search engines, and is used by thousands of people. It has a separate section to search and download torrents of e-books.
  • – This is by far the best E-book search engine that can be used to download free e-books either directly or through torrents. It also allows you to search e-books by Author, ISBN and title. You can also browse through some of the popular e-books and read their description before you choose to download them.

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Note that it is not necessary to use torrents to download free ebooks, there are many other popular services like FreeBookSpot, 4eBooks and  ManyBooks that can be used to directly search and download latest ebooks for free. Torrent that are used to share copyrighted books, constitute illegality.  Hence be cautious while using such services. Esnips and are good places to search legally downloadable ebooks and other content. Also see 10 Best Movies Torrent Download Sites

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