Homosexuality and the Christian life

According to the Bible, homosexuality is clearly described as a sin we are not to partake in. However, how the Christian and our church leaders handle this topic is a problem. Homosexuality is a topic that most Christians can rally around and some of their most passionate comments are about how wrong this sin is. The reason is because this is a sin that most of us do not participate in, it is a sin of others. They need to treat all sexual sins, especially the ones that are common in the church with the same passion as they do homosexuality.

In no way do I want to minimize the fact that this is a sin. In fact here are just a few references to it in the Bible. 1Corinthians 6:9-10, Romans1:26-27 and in Leviticus 18 there is a whole list of sexual sins with verse 22 saying homosexuality is detestable. The point is though, there is a long list of sexual sins in the Bible and in todays society many of them are becoming accepted as no big deal. Our church leaders should be pointing them out and there should be the same moral outrage against all sexual immorality, not just the ones absent in the mirror.

Now back to homosexuality and the Christian. The prevalent thinking is that people are born this way and is equated to discrimination for people to say it is wrong. However, if we accept the Bible as the Holy Word of God and it says homosexuality is wrong, then it is wrong and individuals need to reframe from it. There are prominent politicians who are trying to legitimize it by changing our laws and teachers in our schools telling our children to be tolerant. We have to be careful not to judge people but we also have to be very careful not to condone this behavior as well. It is like the saying, love the sinner but hate the sin.

Christians are given power over sin and self-control is even one of the fruits of the Spirit. Temptation is all around us and heterosexual individuals have urges as well as homosexuals. If a married man sees a good-looking woman, he may very well notice her and even have urges of desire, but he does not have a right to be with her. This man was born with desires and the temptations are all around us, but Christians are called to obey Gods commandments and exercise self-control over these urges. How are these urges and temptations of a homosexual individual any different from the ones we all experience?

Our church leaders and we as Christians need to be looking at ourselves when it comes to sin. We need to look at the people close to us who are having affairs outside of marriage, turn the TV off when confronted with sexual immorality and look at ourselves on how we can turn from sin. The Bible was given to us to make changes in our own lives, not as justification of how we are living or to support criticism of those with sins different than our own. Homosexuality is a sin, but take the log out of your own eye before you take the speck out of your brothers.

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