How to apply for Obama care

Apply for Obamacare
Apply for Obamacare by following four simple steps.

Enrollments for Obama Care began on 1st October 2013, one may apply for Obama care at the specially set up Health Insurance Marketplaces. In order to know about the Health Insurance Marketplace in your state simply visit and select your state of residence from the drop down menu on the home page and you’ll be provided information such as Where and How you  can apply for Obama Care.  Applications are accepted online, in person and through Mail.

You can apply for Obamacare by following four simple Steps :

  1. Register your account  – In order to apply online you’ll need to register for an account at your Health Insurance Marketplace – You’ll need to supply some basic information about yourself and register an account with a unique username, password and some security questions.
  2. Apply for Obama Care – Supply additional information such as your and your dependent’s SSN, Employer Details, Income Details, Information about your existing Healthcare coverage (if any) and the complete Employer Coverage Tool.  Read the Marketplace Application Checklist  for details.
  3. Choose a Plan – You’ll then be able to compare between different Obamacare plans for which you are eligible. You can compare the premiums and choose a Plan that best suits you and your family’s health care needs.
  4. Enroll in the Plan – Next you need to enroll in the plan and pay the premium. Your coverage will begin from 1st Janurary 2014.

Got questions ? Chat online with Experts on or   Call 1-800-318-2596

Obamacare made it mandatory to have a Health Insurance Plan in 2014 or face a penalty in the form of additional Tax.

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