How to Delete Your Google + (Plus) Profile

Despite all the hoopla, Google+ has failed to emerge as the natural choice of a social network that you’d be hooked to. I rarely use Google+ except for business purposes. Should you feel that you no longer require this additional social profile, deleting your Google+ account is a quick and simple process.

Steps Deleting Google Plus

5 Simple Steps to Delete your Google Plus Account  

  1.  First of all click here to login to your Google+ account and sign in by entering your current username and password.
  2. Next, click on “Account” link  which comes when you click on your profile photo appearing on the top right of the window. Click here to directly go to the account page.
  3. Scroll Down to the Account Management Tab and click on “Delete Google+ profile and features” or Click here to visit the link directly.
  4. Now you’ll need to re-enter your password to confirm authenticity. Click on the checkbox “Required: Yes, I understand that deleting the Google profile for XX ( can’t be undone and that the data I delete can’t be restored.”
  5. Lastly, Click on the button that reads “Remove Selected services”.

Google Plus Delete

That’s all you need to do to delete your Google+ Profile. A few words of caution: deleting your profile would delete any YouTube channel associated with your account, so beware.

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  1. Caroline

    I know quite a few people who don’t particularly like G+. I am personally on the fence about it but I am not seeing any huge benefit from it as I follow people in other ways that are far more established. I’m glad you mentioned the YouTube element as I know someone who unfortunately lost his channel!


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