Android changed the way Smart Phones work, with thousands of free apps available on Google Play Store, Android has quickly emerged as one of the most preferred mobile operating system. Technology often outpace itself and you may also find your Android Smart phone to be slower than how it was when you bought it. If  your smartphone is running slow and you are wondering How to make your Android Smartphone Faster,  here are some simple tips .How to make your Android Smartphone Faster!

Simple tips to make your Android Smartphone Faster

  1. One of the easiest way to speed up your android phone is to use a Task Killer app. With a Task Killer app you can automatically or manually kill any program that you aren’t using anymore. Some of the free Task Killer apps includes : Advanced Task Killer , Easy Task Killer  and Super Task Killer . Installing a task killer app is one of the sure-shot way to make your android smart phone faster and to improve its performance.
  2.  Another tip to speed up your android smart phone would to remove any app that you don’t use anymore or as often. Removing unused apps help reclaim some memory that can prove helpful to make your android smart phone faster. Easy Uninstaller can help you locate and remove unused apps from your smartphone and thus make it faster.
  3. If you use a live wallpaper or lots of widgets on your home-screen then perhaps its time to drop them. Live wallpapers are fun but they would quickly drain out performance of your smartphone. Hence, if you want speed, avoid them. Period.
  4. If all else fails, consider Rooting your smart phone and install a custom ROM. Following these steps would result in major performance boost on your android smart phone. However please be aware that rooting is only recommended for advanced users and if you don’t know what you are doing then you may rather end up killing your smartphone rather than making it faster.

These were some simple tips to make your android phone faster. If you have tried them all and yet failed then perhaps its time to buy a new phone. Cheers !

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