7 Most Dangerous Insects in the World

When considering the creatures that are considered dangerous to human beings, most people always list the animals they consider huge or massive as the most dangerous. However, there are also some very dangerous insects in the world that prove that size does not count when considering the most dangerous animals on earth. These insects are feared for their stings or bites which can cause death due to their poisonous nature. Below are some of the 7 most dangerous insects in the world.

1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes photo
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Mosquitoes are considered as some of the dangerous insects known to man since they are vectors of deadly diseases in the tropical parts of the world. The female mosquito species are responsible for transmitting malaria which is considered very dangerous is statistics are anything to go by. Malaria is said to kill a child with every passing 30 seconds and up to millions of deaths annually. The female mosquitoes spread these diseases when sucking blood from their host who are human beings in order to survive.

2. Driver Ants

Dorylus photo
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These insects belong to the subfamily Dorylinae or as they are commonly referred, safari ants. They are usually in large colonies and always follow certain patterns when they are either moving, climbing or defending themselves from an enemy. These ants are very ferocious and thanks to their cutting powerful jaw, they are able to subdue any animal that may come their way regardless of its size and stature. They are attracted to soft flesh and thus can be able to pass inside the body of an animal via the mouth and nostrils and this could cause death that is usually painful due to asphyxiation.

3. Killer Bees

Africanized bee photo
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Killer bees are said to have come from a hybrid between the western honey bee and the honey bees that are Africanized. They look brownish coupled with black stripes and some clear wings that are attached to their thorax. They are able to fly even at night thanks to their large compound eyes that enable them to see when in UV light. The Africanized bees are very aggressive and even if their sting injects an equal amount of toxin like their European counterparts, their attack is more powerful resulting in death at times. This makes them one of the most dangerous insects in the world.

4. Tse tse Flies

Tsetse fly photo
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These insects belong to the Glossinidae family, a family known for being the biological vectors of the dangerous trypanosomes which cause trypanosomiasis in animals and sleeping sickness in human beings. They are bigger than the normal flies and are some of the most dangerous insect species to human beings as they are capable of causing diseases in human beings that are fatal. These disesases usually pass from the sub-cutaneous skin tissues to the lymphatic system causing the swelling of the lymph glands. The infection can spread up to the point of getting into the nervous syatem causing brain damage and subsequent death.

5. Kissing Bug

Kissing Bug photo
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A kissing bug is an insect that is similar to tse-tse flies and mosquitoes. This species is mostly found in the United States but there are some that are native of Australia, Africa and Asia. These insects are attracted to light present in houses, body warmth and skin odour and feed on animals and human blood. They earned the name kissing bug as they attack areas near the mouth when the host is asleep. Their salivary proteins are introduced into the host’s blood stream causing a various allergic reactions. These bugs were responsible for transmitting the Chagas disease which is life threatening.

6. Fire Ants

Fire Ants photo
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These ants are considered to be the most aggressive of all ant species in the universe and they also cause stings that are very painful when they are provoked. Their light brownish colour led to their name as they appear to be red in colour. They feed on plant tissues, other insects as well as small animals. Their bites can be fatal due to the alkaloids venom they inject into the body of their victims. This selenopsin is very dangerous as it is capable of causing death to insects, small animals and could also cause death to people who are very sensitive.

7. Bullet Ant

Paraponera clavata photo
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It is also referred to as the giant hunting ant and feeds on insects. The name came from its stings that are potent and very powerful. It is mostly found in areas of Paraguay and Nicaragua. It is said that the sting of this ant is the most powerful of all insect stings and it can last up to 24 hours. It is thus nicknamed “24 hour ant” due to the all-consuming pain that throbs and burns for 24 hours. All the above are among the 7 most dabgerous insects in the world.

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