Few Great Gay Movies That You Must Watch!

Pride is a 2 hours drama and comedy movie written by Stephen Beresford and directed by Mathew Warchus. This movie s an inspiration from one of a kind true story. It’s in the U.K on the summer of 1984 when Margaret Thatcher is in power that prompts a group of London based gays to raise money and fund a strike by the National Union of Mineworkers. The strike fails after about an year but the movie revolves around a young man named Mark Ashton who fall in love with a young, charming an enthusiastic fellow. Ashton starts the gay movement with his lover but the young man who connects the miners to arms has hidden political agendas. His hunger for power and love brings about a thrilling factor in the movie creating drama. The moment of the movie comes at the end of the movie when Ashton is said to die a year later of the main reason why he started the movement. This movie has a rating of 7.9/10.

The Boys in The Band(1970)
The movie is based on the superb off-Broadway play by Mart Crowey. Michael is throwing a birthday party for his friend Harold at his house. Its a gay party but Michael gets an unsuspected visit from his old friend, Alan. All men in the party are gays apart from Alan, who is straight. The party goes on well but after a couple of drinks the guys decide to play a telephone game. Things begin to get ugly. The movie is directed by William Friedkin. Rating of 8/10.

Paris is Burning(1990)
Its a documentary on world of a dance that expresses emotions in its movements called Vogue. Vogue models showcase their routines and a panel of judges who use placards. The dance gets its inspiration from the Egyptian hieroglyphics. The dance later on has to be taken underground as most of the competitors are either thieves or prostitutes and use some of the stolen goods to perform. The movie directed by Jennie Livingston takes a depressing turn when a proud, slender built young man is murdered after reveling secrets of the men he dates. Rating 8.1/10

Beautiful Thing(1996)
Jamie and Ste are young boys living in London. They live near each other and do projects together. They don’t know of their fillings. Jamie has got feelings for Ste but does not know the approach to take. One night Ste who is usually beaten by his drunk father gets a pretty bad beating from his dad and Jamie’s mother, Sandra feels petty and lets Jamie sleep over at Ste’s. This is the beginning of a lovely and admirable part of the movie that shows how beautiful and wonderful feelings are. The movie directed by Hettie MacDonald has a rating of 7.8/10.

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