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Google periodically crawls websites and judge them on a scale of 1 to 10. The Google Page rank (PR) can be seen while visiting a website through the Google toolbar. It is an important indicator of the quality of your website   that can affect your rankings and the trust that a user has on your website. Some factors that affect Google Page rank includes the originality of your website content and the quality of incoming and outgoing links from your website.

Recently a number of Page Rank Prediction tools have come up. The accuracy of these tools is questionable however they make a good guess of what your page rank might be in future when Google releases the next PR update.

Google Future Page Rank Prediction tools

Page Rank Prediction tools

Its easy to predict your future page rank. Simply visit one of the link below and enter your website address and the tool would calculate an estimate to your future page rank. Please note, they tools may give contradictory results and only Google knows how exactly the page rank is calculated! It would be a good idea to predict your page rank now and improve upon it before the next PR update comes in.

The best (most accurate) Page rank prediction tool : Page Rank Prediction by SEO Mastering ; This tool also lets you see your estimated website worth, trust ranks and alexa rank among other things.

Another good method to predict page rank is to visit and find out the page authority of the homepage. usually the PR is one tenth the page authority of homepage. So, if the PA is 30 then Page rank is 3.

Other available PR Prediction tools includes  3w1 and  iwebtools.

Google may not update Page Rank very frequently, not that it has dropped PR as an ranking factor but because it plans to keep the Pagerank data more to itself.

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  1. There are many stories going on that Google is planning to drop page rank once and for all. Only time will decide the future of Google Page Rank but there are many good alternatives for page rank like Domain Authority and Alexa Rank.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list of tools for predicting your blog’s page rank.

    • LoudBlogger

      Hi Ankur, I read that Google plans not to release the new page rank data to public. Not sure if it will drop it completely. Only Google Knows 🙂


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