What is Parkinson’s disease?


Parkinson’s Disease Information

Parkinson Disease is a nervous system disorder that affects the movements of its patients due to stiffness in the muscles. The disease reduces one’s to do unconscious movements such as blinking the eyes, or smiling while talking. It initially hits only one side of the body but later spreads to the other park.

Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of Parkinson Disease includes stiffness of legs, and arms; slow movements; poor balance; tremors in hands, and legs.

Parkinson’s Disease Diagnose and Treatment

Parkinson Disease  is more frequent among males than females and usually being at the age of 60. It is difficult to diagnose as there is no lab test for this disease. Doctors would refer to your medical history and neurological  tests for diagnosis. Medication can help treat the symptoms however there is no cure for this disease.

Parkinson’s Disease Pictures

parkinson disease

Parkinson’s Disease Infographic


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