Picture Quotes Generators – 5 Online Tools to Generate Quote Photos

Do you like to read quotes and then share them on your Facebook profile or fan page? Did you know that quotes and specially Picture Quotes are one of the most shared content on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr? Today we discuss some amazing tool that you can use to create your own Picture Quotes. These tools would free you of your graphic designers and would help you make the perfect impression to your followers.
Tools to create picture quotes online

5 Tools to Generate Picture Quotes Online

  1. Pablo by Buffer — This is by far the best picture quotes generator, mainly so due to its ability to create beautiful picture quotes that fits across the different social networks, be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. You also get an option to add a custom logo or secondary line of text.
  2. Quozio – Quozio helps you convert words into beautiful images in a fraction of seconds. You can then share them of Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest or simply email them. You just need to enter the quote and the author name and select one of the many design options and Quozio will make a beautiful quote image out of it. The best part is that Quozio is absolutely free and you don’t even need to sign up or create an account. Just log on and start creating beautiful picture quotes. Simple!
  3. BeHappy.me – And if you want to specifically create quotes to share on your Facebook Page then Behappy.me provides a good option as the dimensions of the picture quotes generated with this tool fits the Facebook newsfeed quiet perfectly. The tools doesn’t have any predefined themes but lets you choose the text style, orientation and the background color. It also lets you insert cool symbols and smiles. This tool too is free and doesn’t require any registration.
  4. Quote Pixel – Another cool tool to make some beautiful picture quotes, Quote Pixel comes with few predesigned themes like Love, Motivation, Friendship etc. that would help you generate picture quotes of your liking almost instantly.
  5. Pinwords lets you upload your own images and choose a text style to convert text into beautiful images, while it has limited design templates they do carry a professional touch.

Which tools do you use to create Picture Quotes Online?

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