10 Reasons That Indicate She Won’t Marry You

Marriage is an institution that brings couples together with a purpose of spending the rest of their lives together. In this case, it has to be done in a mutual way; no partner should force him or herself into it. A man or a lady might not be interested in the relationship, and this might be difficult to notice. However, this article will exclusively unravel to you some of the 10 reasons why she won’t marry you! There are numerous reasons but in this article, you shall only get the most important points to help you in your relationship or help your friend.

1. Lack of Communication
Communication is the most important thing in any relationship. When a lady stops communicating without a genuine reason, it is an indication that something is not right somewhere. However, if the problem persists for a long period; you should think beyond that lady.


2. She’s Often away from you
The biggest sign to know if a lady is not interested in you is ignoring your company. One question that should come to your mind is that, how can you ignore somebody you love? Is this somebody that will spend the rest of her life with you? It doesn’t make sense.


3. She talks being interested in other men in your presence
A lady can always do this regularly in your presence to pass the message that she won’t marry you. A lady who loves her fiance can’t and will never talk about other men in your presence. If this is happening to you, it is an indication that she won’t spend her life with you.

4. Her non-verbal communication/general conduct.
If a lady is keeping away eye contact, situating her body away from you, not taking part in the discussion with you; it is typically clear that she is not centered around you.


5. She is always busy and no time for you
She sets up dates at the eleventh hour, keeps re-planning, she always flakes on you – if any of this sounds usual and familiar, she is not that into you.

6. When there is no different between how she converses with you versus different companions.
The tone of your conversation with the lady must be different, however, if there is no different, it shows the absence of love between the two of you, therefore, she won’t marry you.

7. When She flirts with you.. same as other people too
There must be different on how the two of you flirts and create jokes, however, if the lady does this to everybody around you. I am sorry, she is not into you.

8. Outgoing and friendly
What else do you need? Be attentive and see how she interacts with other men. No man on Earth will allow her lady to make friends with anybody.

9. She doesn’t express her feelings to you.When a lady doesn’t say how she feels about you, no words like..’I love you’.
Love is a feeling that needs to be expressed between the two, if this is not there, it is obvious the lady has no interest in the relationship and might not marry you.

10. Shows disrespect to you
When a lady ignores you in public and shows disrespect to you; she is passing a message to you that you should look for someone else.


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