The Top 10 Reasons Why Couples Break Up

Couples break up for one reason or the other and has become a trend in today’s world.Break ups are often painful especially for the partner who has been dumped.Its hard to imagine living without the person you once loved or still love deeply.The truth is that break ups don’t just happen,they are triggered by several issues.

TopĀ 10 Reasons Couples Break Up

1.Physical Abuse/Violence

-Subjection to physical abuse by either spouse is the leading cause for break ups.Spouses who cause bodily harm to their partners leads to hatred which in turn makes the abused partner walk away.The dominant partner intimidates,manipulates and controls the other.In such cases,these relationships do not last.


-Infidelity causes major break ups in most relationships.When one party secretly gets attracted to another person and becomes intimate with them,its creates distance between the two lovers.The other partner feels unwanted and may decide to walk out of the relationship.If the partner realizes that his lover is cheating,he/she may end the relationship.

3.Frequent Arguments and Fights

-A relationship Marriage/Relationship may break up if the two partners constantly argue,fight and cause bodily harm.This usually happens when they don’t understand each other or fail to come to an agreement.


-One partner may feel jealous when the other person is socializing with the opposite genders.This is usually a sign of possessiveness where the partner becomes insecure.He/she constantly calls to find out where the person is and whom they are with.


-If one partner has ever been caught cheating,there are chances that the betrayed person may not trust him/her.Sometimes its hard to forgive and forget.This may lead to frequent fights which may end up in break ups.

6.Constant Nagging

-Some partners have this attitude of nagging their partners for insignificant issues.The targeted spouse has to always bear with the scolding and criticism.The partner may become fed up and opt to end the relationship.

7.Humiliations Before Others

-One spouse may constantly throw embarrassing remarks to the other in front of people.They criticize them without caring about how they feel.This makes the spouse feel useless and worthless.They might find the relationship extremely suffocating and choose to quit.

8.One Partner’s Love for Money

-Some people get into relationships because the other partner is well-off which guarantees them of financial stability.However,this might not go well with the financially stable partner.They feel used and betrayed which forces them to look for an honest person.

9.Pressure from Friends and Family

-For married couples,parents and relatives of one partner may disapprove of their relationship.These external forces creates a huge impact in their relationship where the spouse may feel unwanted and hated.They might feel lonely and end the relationship because of this.

10. Changes in Appearance

-A woman may become too fat thereby loosing shape.The guy may develop a big unsightly pot-belly.Sudden changes in the body may affect one partner as him/her becomes less attractive.One may find another person with a better body appearance.

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