Run Android Apps on PC using Windroy!

Google Playstore offers an app for everyone, one can stay connected, learn new things, Play Games or just do office work on the go. No wonder Android has quickly become the preferred mobile operating system.  What if you could Run Android Apps on PC?  Well now you can do it .

Run Android Apps on PC

Windroy lets you Run Android Apps on PC !

Windroy is a special software that runs Android OS on PC using Windows Kernal instead of using any Simulators. As a result of which one can make use of maximum features of the Android OS .

  • The software is Free, Fast and Easy to use.
  • Windroy is currently loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS and soon Jellybean version would also be released.
  • The software is currently supported on Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Here’s How to use Run Android Apps on PC

  1. Download Windroy
  2. Register for free with some basic information like your name and email address.
  3. That’s it Windroy would open in full screen.

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It might take a few minutes to load android , after which you can swipe to unlock and reach the home screen and run your favorite android app.  Few apps are built in so that you can browse the internet, play music or click pictures. While it can’t run Google Playstore,  you can still install your favorite android app by downloading its .apk file from the Internet and put it in windroywindroy_rootdataapp folder.

Enjoy, You can now Run Android Apps on PC !

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  1. Chinmay Kadam

    I copied and pasted it in windroy\windroy_root\data\app folder but when open windroy and start apps it says app_process.exe stopped working


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