Seven Best Android Torrent Apps: Simplify Your Downloading Issues

There was a time when the only option of downloading torrent files was to do so by sitting in front of the desktop PC. Do you remember the time when you first started out with downloading files from Torrent and wondered how internet and technology had contributed towards changing your life? You probably thought that things just could not get any better than this. Well, it probably just got better!

The world is a press of a button away (on your mobile devices) and it is no different as far as downloading torrent files are concerned. With the contribution of a number of developers from around the world, some great Android torrent apps have been created. So now you are not required to sit in front of the computer in order to download your torrent file, it is possible right from the luxury of your mobile device.

Here we have listed the 7 best Android torrent apps. They are optimized for a faster download of your torrent files with minimum power consumption. With most of these apps, you will also have an “Only Wi-fi” option so that you do not unwittingly exhaust your mobile plan! Moreover, you do not get those infiltrating ads coming up with most of these torrent downloader apps.

Torrento Torrent Downloader Client: Also referred to as Torrento, the Torrent Downloader Client is a free download client for Android devices that does not have any size or speed caps. You get support for all the basics with this app, including continuation of partially downloaded torrents, multiple queued downloads, plugged-in and Wifi only modes, and magnet link downloads. Users are given the option of limiting the maximum number of connected peers and used bandwidth. The app also displays an icon in the notification bar that shows the status of the download in progress.

Torrentex: A light-weight, ad-free torrent app Torrentex is not skimpish on the available features. It has configurable ports and download speeds, selective file download options to choose the ones that you want, completed download notifications, torrent and magnet file support, and Wi-fi only mode. Individual layouts for tablets and phones, and dark and light themes ensure that you have a comfortable UI to work with.

Vuze: Various people have different opinions about Vuze so it depends from whom you have sought an opinion. On the desktop systems, it represents either a bloated multimedia monster or a feature-rich torrent client. On the other hand, the free Vuze Android app is a no-frills torrent downloader available like a breath of fresh air. This app makes for an ad-free experience that includes features such as configurable download and upload limits, a Wi-fi only mode, and a built-in search option for torrents of your choice. If you have some funky network setting, then you can configure which incoming port Vuze makes use of. The app can also be set to produce a notification sound every time one of your downloads get completed.

Torrent Movie Downloader: Not only does it serve as a download manager but Torrent Movie Downloader can also be put to use for managing torrent files. At the torrent end, TMD includes such features as download scheduling, proxy support, encryption, magnet link support, support for selective partial downloads and zero speed limits. At the download manager end, the app is capable of supporting as many as 16 consecutive downloads, download scheduling, and resume and pause support. This app is compatible with all Android browsers, and also features a built-in file browser that can be used for effectively managing the downloads. One minor drawback is that for conducting the Torrent search you will be required to download a second app.

SmartTorrent: An excellent torrent client for Android devices, SmartTorrent has functionalities that one would normally expect from some of the best desktop options for downloading clients. Besides features such as a Wi-Fi only mode, customizable limiters for upload and download speeds, and a built-in Torrent search, this app allows you access to the individual files. This way you can prioritize your downloads as per high, medium, or low. Users have the option of further customizing the network ports that this app uses while SmartTorrent includes support for proxies, NAT-PMP, and UPnP. Although you will have to pay $2.99 to get this app (only premium option is available) it is a powerful client for Torrent downloads on Android.

tTorrent: Despite having a capped download speed of 250k/s on its free version, tTorrent comes with ample amount of features to make it a worthwhile recommendation. Search for torrents either through your phone browser or in-app. tTorrent also supports magnet links and torrent files. There are also provisions for download controls and RSS functions. You can always give the free version of tTorrent a try and when you like it, upgrade to the premium version for $4.99. This way you can get rid of the unwanted download cap and infringing advertisements.

aTorrent: A free, ad-supported Android app for torrent downloads, aTorrent covers a large number of the features that are available in any basic download client. You can open up a search dialog box for torrent search, have support for magnet links, allows multiple downloads to run simultaneously, and also determine the destination download folder. A partial download feature allows users to specify the individual files they wish to download in a torrent. Some of the features that mobile users are likely to find most useful include an option to pause downloads when the device is not plugged in to an external power source, and a Wi-Fi only option that minimizes the usage of 4G data. While the aTorrent app is typically ad-supported, you can opt for the purchase of a Pro key and have the ads disabled.

So now download on the go with these 7 best Android torrent apps. After all, when you have everything else only a touch away, why should Torrent downloader clients be left out of the mix!

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