12 Sure Signs That Indicates – He Is Totally Into You

  1. He takes a deep breath whenever he sees you

This is a sign of relief and it indicates that he feels glad to have you around.

  1. He feels happy to introduce you to his friends

He always ready to let his friends know about you and your relationship and he takes interest in to knowing your friends too.

  1. He calls you for no reason

He doesn’t wait for you to call him but calls you without even something important, he may just call to ask you how you spent your day or even what you are planning to prepare for dinner.

  1. He leans towards whenever you are talking.

He doesn’t necessarily have to lean towards you only when you two are in a noisy environment but he leans to take keen interest in whatever you are saying without missing even a single word.

  1. He makes eye contact with you

A gaze directly to your face with a romantic smile is a sign that he is really interested in you.

  1. He takes concern in your interests

He will always show concern on what you do even if he may not like the whole idea, let’s take an example if you planning to learn about a language he hates in school, for example Chinese.

  1. He regularly touches you especially on your hair and knees.

When a guy touches you on your hair and knees softly and smoothly, he wants to see how you will respond to his touch but when he touches you just around your pants it might be an indication that he is only interested in having you for sex.

  1. He keeps asking for your company

Even if you were in a date with him recently, he will keep asking you to come and keep him company.

  1. He is always open to you

Most men are shy to express their feelings but if he boldly tells you how he feels about you, it is an outright indication that he is into you.

  1. He acts jealous

He may talk negative about a certain guy but this doesn’t have to mean that he is really jealous but he is just trying block the guy from you probably because he has noticed him as a threat. Guys are always protective.

  1. He sits with you with his legs spread

This means he is ready to be open up to you even “down there” and he has nothing much to hide.

  1. He holds you’re your hands more often and presses his palms against yours

Love is both physical and emotional so when he locks hands with you he is showing physical bonding.

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