Top 10 Rarest Diseases in the World

Living is a risk and the future is always uncertain. Diseases, death and accidents are real, but some can be mitigated to increase our lifespan. By now, everyone have heard about cancer and HIV/AIDS, common diseases that have claimed a considerable number of lives. Since conception, our bodies gradually undergo progressive growth over time. However, some processes normally go awry and cause some disorders. The list below compiles top 10 rarest and most bizarre ailments that normally afflict both adults and infants.

Top 10 rarest diseases in the world

10. Epidermolysis

Also referred to as the butterfly disease is an incredible defect that normally affects the skin. Due to the skin fragility, it tends to slough off when disturbed forming painful blisters that later open up as wounds. The wounds are later infected getting filled up with mucus and pus. What makes this deadly is the fact that it can even affect soft tissues of the body like the mouth, stomach and esophagus.

9. Ectopia Cordis

According to research, 1 in every 100,000 new born babies have this disorder. It basically explains a condition where the baby’s heart is outside the body. The heart develops and functions normally but outside the chest cavity, hence exposing the baby to a number of risks if they are lucky to be born.

8. Wolman disease

This is a very rare disease that affect children in their early age. It is commonly characterized by fever, malnutrition, delayed body development, swelling of the spleen and the intestines. The effects are so drastic that no infant can even reach his/her teenage life while suffering from Wolman.

7. Progeria

It affects one in every 8 million children making it a rare disease. It is a genetic condition where the victim shows aging signs yet at childhood. The disease has no cure and the life span of infected people is approximately 13 years. Very few manage to survive to early twenties.

6. Water Allergy

This disorder is extremely rare and has affected only 30 people to date. Victims recorded the allergy in a later date in their lives commonly caused by hormonal imbalance in the body, believed to come along after giving birth. Victims develop burning rashes if they drink water, get caught in the rain or even bath with water.

5. Porphyria

It is caused by some complications in production of proteins normally vital in red blood cells. The disease is characterized by purple feces and urine and affects the nervous system and the skin. Some of the common signs include; abdominal pain, sensitivity to sun, constipation, nausea and itchy skin.

4. Fatal familial Insomnia

FFI has only been reported in 40 families to date and is characterized by lack of sleep. It normally starts from middle age and continue to develop as one gets old. According to medics, it is caused by a genetic mutation leading to a prion disease like mad cow. Common symptoms include; inability to sleep, high blood pressure and high pulse.

3. Alien Hand Syndrome

This rare disorder occurs when one hand tend to function involuntarily without the will of the victim. The hands get involved in actions that are completely out of the victim’s control. Since 1909, there has been about 40 to 50 cases commonly occurring after a brain surgery, tumor, stroke or any degenerative brain condition.

2. Argyria

It is commonly known as blue skin disorder. Normally, the disorder is inherited, runs in the family and caused by a disorder in the blood that leads to excess amount of hemoglobin. The skin turns blue or purple with other symptoms including mental changes, fatigue and shortness of breath.

1. Human Papilloma virus

It is a lifelong rare skin disorder that is hereditary in nature. Till now, there are only 195 documented cases all over the world. According to research, the disorder is caused by some immunity deficiency that results to a typical severe skin disorder. The virus develops in areas exposed to sunlight, especially on the face, hands and legs.

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