How to Turn on HTTPS (SSL) on Blogspot / Blogger

As you might be aware, Google had recently included HTTPS (SSL)  as one of the ranking factors for deriving its search engine rankings. Many of the websites today on Internet have already shifted to SSL, while some are still debating its utility. Taking cue from this, Google has announced free SSL for its users on Blogspot (a free blogging tool from Google). Today we discuss steps required to turn on SSL on your Blogspot Blog.

Benefits of using HTTPS

  • It is now an important Google Ranking Factor and can help you achieve higher rankings.
  • It improves user confidence that they have visited the correct website and not a malicious one.
  • It adds another layer of security making it difficult for hackers to eavesdrop on any communication between you and your visitors.

One drawback of SSL is that it can make your server (and thus your website) slow to respond. However, this is unlikely to happen on Blogger as it is powered by Google.

How to turn on SSL(HTTPS) on your Blogspot Blog

The process of turning on SSL on your Blog is very simple —

  • Login to your account and select the blog you with to update.
  • on the Left Panel select Setting > Basic > HTTPs settings.
  • From the HTTPS availability dropdown menu select Yes to enable SSL on your blog.

Google hasn’t currently rolled out support for SSL on custom domain. They might do so soon.

That’s all you need to do turn on SSL on your Blogger / Blogspot Blog. Enjoy!

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