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Ubersuggest is undoubtedly a great tool to perform keyword research. It gives great insight into what people search on Google. Ubersuggest works by scraping Google search results by adding a letter or digit to your search term and gives a series of long-tail keywords. I simply love this tool, however in the past it threw a lot of Google API errors and that led me to look for some Ubersuggets Alternatives. Here is the list —

ubersuggest alternatives

3 Top Ubersuggest Alternatives

  1. HQ Suggest – Remember Humming Bird update on Google? HQ Suggest is just the tool you’d like to have as it won’t just scrape Google searches, but also Questions and How to series from Google Search! What makes it even better is that you can add both prefix and postfix to search terms that you want to scrape and that you can also get keyword suggestions from other search engines like Ask.com and Product suggestions from E-commerce sites like Amazon. This tool is Highly Recommended.
  2. Keyword Canine  – Keyword Canine is not just another Google Search Scraper, it’s a complete keyword research studio. It allows you to scrape keywords, maintain keyword pools and even automatically analyze the competitiveness of keywords so you can know which keywords are easy to position.
  3. Long Tail Pro  – Longtail Pro makes a good tool to find profitable keywords that can be positioned easily on search engines. Longtail Pro lets you work with multiple seed keywords and you can also fetch additional data such as Global Searches and check for the availability of Exact Match Domains (EDM). Longtail Pro is more than a search scrapper tool as it even lets you to analyze keywords (Avail 10 days Free Trial)
  4. Keywordtool.io – This is another free keyword suggest tool that you can use to scrape keywords from not just Google Search but also from Bing, Youtube and the Appstore. It uses the Google Autocomplete feature to generate thousands of useful long-tail keywords.
  5. Wordtracker — Although they have stopped the free signups, you can still try this service out for free. You’ll need to register with an e-mail address to use this service.

These are some of the Ubersuggest Alternatives available today. Google Instasearch and Google Autosuggest work well too.


Do comment below with the Ubersuggest Alternatives that you recommend.

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  1. Nice alternatives. We had the sam issus, so we have developed our own keyword tool Keywords4all, where you besides finding the keywords can save them and follow the evolution on each keyword over time.
    You can check it out here http://keywords4all.indicom.dk/?q=&l18n=en_GB

  2. Hi Neil,

    Thank for sharing this wonderful post, this post will help a lot when it come to keyword research in general!

    Thanks man.

  3. Mark Stephens

    Hey! I still use ubersuggest and some of the listed tool. But when I need to create titles for my contents I use sg.serpstat.com for its “questions only” option.

  4. gravity

    Relevant with export, copy, word variation feature

  5. keywordstool

    You can use this keywordstool.co , a another alternative ubersuggest tools


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