YouTube Red — The Ad Free Video Service by Google

On October 28th, Youtube launches its first-ever $9.99 monthly subscription plan that will allow its subscribers to watch ad-free videos. The plan, currently being launched in US, is aimed at providing the ultimate experience to the viewers and extends across devices and also includes the newly launched Youtube Music app. Those subscribed to Google Play music will also be able to access Youtube Red.

YouTube Red Plan Prices

Android users can subscribe to Youtube Red @ $9.99 a month. Apple users may have to pay about $13 a month to access Youtube Red due to additional taxation done by Apple.

Here are some of the features of Youtube Red :

  • Youtube Red will allow you to download Videos on your Android and Apple phones for 30 days. You can watch the videos later when you want to.
  • You get to subscribe to Google Play music for FREE! The subscription is being provided at no additional charges and gives access to millions on on-demand songs and internet radio channels.
  • You can play the videos / music in the Background while using any other app.
  • Youtube red will also provide access to original shows and movies, early next year. The subscription revenue will be split with the content creators.
  • You also get to use Youtube Music for free. Youtube music has one of the richest music catalogue.

US citizens can also try YouTube Red for free for a month, starting October 28.

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